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Share my dreams: Gopal Lahiri
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Red Book, Turning


There is a faint sound
She opens the thick glass door
Night is almost done
Rising sun washes her face
She knows the lean man before.


My choice



You follow me
Unknown to the world
Unaware to the surroundings
Searching for self
A deserted island of white sand
A wave still drenches me
Surging water get closer
The night unfurled herself
No solutions to offer, nothing.
No one is there, no one
A fort in the forest
No windows, no doors
Series of broken walls
On the wet roof
Droplets of silence gather
Perhaps I am lost in myself
In the darkness, I will die
Who will light up a fire?
Oh God, tell me who am I?


My Religion


Today, life is plagued by terror, crime,violence and narrow-mindness. Relegion, caste and creed divide the people of our country. Violence creates more problems than it solved. In forgiveness, large-heartedness and tolerance lay the supreme talisman of mans happiness. Persian verses tell us He who is not my friend, May God be his friend/And he who bears ill-will against me, may his joys increase.Suppression of anger only directs the virus to other channels of thought and action. God teach us Forgive a person who has committed a wrong and thus eliminate your anger. Forgiveness and not retribution is the way to happiness in society. Develop river-like generosity, sun-like bounty and earth-like hospitality. The essence of right conduct is not to injure anyone; one should know only this, that non-injury is religion.

My Publications

Collection of Poems/Translation in Bengali and English
  • Amader Kobita (Proma Publication, Kolkata, India)
  • Shabdera Bhangchhe Paar.(Proma Publication, Kolkata, India)
  • Magno Tumi Palak Hrade (Raibatak Publication, Kolkata, India)
  • Ei Alo Ei Andhokar (Pratibhas Publication, Kolkata, India)
  • Not Just Milk and Honey :Kebal Dudh Madhu noi-Bangla Translation of Israel Short Stories' Collection (National Book Trust, New Delhi, India)
  • Flicker of Hope (Lulu Publisher, USA)
  • Sandstone Corridor (Lulu Publisher, USA)

Available at

Shabdera Bhangchhe Paar
Gopal Lahiri
Hard Cover (US$ 5.00) 
Usually ships within 48 hours
(Internationally available)

My Poetry Collection
Sandstone Corridor is a delightful collection of poems. It is a journey to the poetic world of love.


We all know that in order to clear a problem, one must identify the root cause, more through experience. As long as one is focused and consistent with ones hard work, results should not be a bother. Nature dictates that there is a probability distribution for both success as well as failure and in this aspect, past experience comes into play

Ocean Surf

Comments on Flicker Of Hope

I only took a short trip through what I am sure will be an amazing journey. I am a poet myself and must say, this writer is among the greatest I have read. If you ever need a standard to guide you through writing, pick this book up and begin there. If you just want to enjoy a poetic world you will not soon forget, you to should pick this book up.

William Atherton

Gopal writes with heart and soul. Flicker of Hope contains numerous striking images and beatiful phrases, and also displays a first-rate intelligence. Gopal manifests more cognitive originality than most of the poets I know. On occasion the picture within your mind will be suddenly stricken from one image to another with such grace and yet, the surprise twist will be pure gold. This book is must read.

Cynthia Memmolo

Gopal is more than a poet, he is a true Word Artist! His poem entitled Obituary (available in his generous prieview)is my favorite. It is a very powerful piece of work! This is a poet that many of us can learn from. I love his style, use of form and choice of words. Great Work!

M. Richard Smith

Comment on Sandstone Corridor
Here is a contempory poet whose writing casts a spell upon its readers, a powerful elixir of images, a virtual stroll down the path that he walks. His style, unique and absorbing takes his devoted reading audience on a journey that exposes senses, strikes a nerve, cleanses the soul.

Gopal Lahiri paints a finely textured picture of thoughts and emotions with his skillfully sculpted words in verse. Sandstone Corridor, as Flicker Of Hope, are a tribute to this writer...and the world that he sees. Explore this author's vision, poetic masterpiece.

Don MacIver
I LOVE the poetry and prose of Gopals' kind and spiritual heart + soul. Although (and because) he paints his words on the page differently than me - I can STILL see the beauty, the joy, and (yes) the pain of the world through these well-etched and well-sung pieces. Gopal has a unique style all his own which he alone (and no one else can be) the master of. A Powerful and Masterful collection, to say the least! I have found his work on THE POETRY CORNER interesting and enlightening. NOW everyone can see and experience his poetic masterpieces of truth for themselves in this wonderful + thought provoking collection.
Love + Peace!
Earl. F. Hubbard. Jr.
I find Gopals writting to be of the best. The realism is there. Capturing the image on paper with words to give you only the very best of his thoughts.Outstanding and woth excellence. Good luck and best wish's on this book too.I give it a five star rating.Radarr

Mathew Prince
Is a pleasure and an honor to read your prose,
wonderful collection of poetry done whith flair
and grace.Congratulations once more Gopal for your great sucess and wish you the best in your endeavors.
Keep the great work going!!

Love and Light

Rev. Maria De La Gandara

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